15 Mar 2017

 A Mindstream Certificate student with extraordinary determination

A Mindstream Certificate student with extraordinary determination is Molly McDonald, a resident of Maryland USA. Molly came across our Certificate in Life Coaching weekend-course on our website and liked what she saw so much that she booked a return flight from her home in the USA to complete the course. Molly looked at several other courses in the USA but was swayed by the amazing reviews of our Mindstream students and the course content, that she flew in to Dublin on a Friday evening and stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn - the venue for our courses – then completed the course and flew home Monday. What a whirlwind weekend. Molly enjoyed the course so much that she has invited us to deliver it in DC, USA, later in the year. This is what she had to say about the course:

“I thoroughly enjoyed every element of the course.

I felt that I received a thoroughly comprehensive amount of technical and “soft” knowledge that I feel confident I can apply it in practice immediately. Bee, is an exceptional individual and facilitator and was a very large part of the success of the course.

  • At the end of the course I feel scared, excited, emotional, overwhelmed but mostly amazed.

    This weekend has been profoundly inspirational and important to me. I know I am a life coach. Thank you Seann & Bee

    – Lydia, Asst. Director of Studies, English Language College.

  • I suspect that this weekend has changed my life and I don’t say things like that lightly.

    I really appreciate how skilled and insightful Seann is and the gentle way he brought us through some challenging topics and facilitated the class. Thank you. I hope the diploma class starts soon.

    – Carmel McCann

  • I had a life-changing experience.

    I found myself falling into a position that required life coaching for my clients so I took the decision to do Seann's Certificate course as an add-on skill.
    I had a life-changing experience and a development and broadening of my skills. It was an amazing, eye-opening 2 x day journey, with amazing people. A great gift to give to oneself.

    – Karen O'Brien. Mentor, Counsellor and Facilitator.

  • This course has been a real-eye-opener for my life/career direction.

    Sean’s calm and open-style of mentoring really engaged us all in the process of up-skilling ourselves and I would encourage anyone who is thinking of life coaching as a career to sign-up for the course

    – Cilian Murphy, Primary School Teacher.

  • I absolutely loved the two-day course with Seann

    It has strengthened even further my passion for life coaching. Seann is a wonderful teacher, easy-going, calm nature that is a joy to be in the company of. It is a fantastic course for anyone willing to grow, self-develop & evolve emotionally and spiritually. I am super-excited to continue onto the diploma course

    – Marianne O’Neill, Personal Trainer& Massage Therapist

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