Bee Flanagan AMC (Accredited Master Coach IAPCM)

Bee is graduate of the Mindstream Diploma programme (2009) and part of the senior-facilitator’s team co-presenting the Mindstream Coaching courses.

2010 Bee set up her coaching business and since then has provided coaching in multiple areas, including SME’s, career-coaching, interview-preparation and presentation-skills coaching.

2013 Bee developed and launched her successful PALS™ Programme. PALS ™ ( Positive Assertive Life Skills aimed at teenagers and young adults in schools, to equip them with the positive life skills to maintain a healthy mental well-being. To date almost 2000 students have participated in a PALS™ Programme workshop. In 2015 Bee began the One-to-One PALS™ Programme and now coaches teenagers and young adults in many areas including positive mindset, self-confidence, managing anxiety and positive exam preparation.

Bee delivers workshops, seminars and talks in the area of positive-mindset to groups and organisations country-wide

She offers a professional MC Service for corporate, community and charity events

APC (Accredited Practitioner Coach) IIAPCM 2008,Train the Trainer – Certificate Training & Continuing Education,

Certificate Psychotherapy (Griffith College)

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  • At the end of the course I feel scared, excited, emotional, overwhelmed but mostly amazed.

    This weekend has been profoundly inspirational and important to me. I know I am a life coach. Thank you Seann & Bee

    – Lydia, Asst. Director of Studies, English Language College.

  • I suspect that this weekend has changed my life and I don’t say things like that lightly.

    I really appreciate how skilled and insightful Seann is and the gentle way he brought us through some challenging topics and facilitated the class. Thank you. I hope the diploma class starts soon.

    – Carmel McCann

  • I had a life-changing experience.

    I found myself falling into a position that required life coaching for my clients so I took the decision to do Seann's Certificate course as an add-on skill.
    I had a life-changing experience and a development and broadening of my skills. It was an amazing, eye-opening 2 x day journey, with amazing people. A great gift to give to oneself.

    – Karen O'Brien. Mentor, Counsellor and Facilitator.

  • This course has been a real-eye-opener for my life/career direction.

    Sean’s calm and open-style of mentoring really engaged us all in the process of up-skilling ourselves and I would encourage anyone who is thinking of life coaching as a career to sign-up for the course

    – Cilian Murphy, Primary School Teacher.

  • I absolutely loved the two-day course with Seann

    It has strengthened even further my passion for life coaching. Seann is a wonderful teacher, easy-going, calm nature that is a joy to be in the company of. It is a fantastic course for anyone willing to grow, self-develop & evolve emotionally and spiritually. I am super-excited to continue onto the diploma course

    – Marianne O’Neill, Personal Trainer& Massage Therapist

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